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This is not your typical mentorship program.

WAVE connects young women (Advisees) aged 15-22 years old with professionals (Advisors) in tech as part of a 1:1 Advisor program. The goals are simple:

  • Exposure - Expose young women and non-binary students to a variety of careers powered by tech

  • Skills - Arm them with practical skills for their first job

  • Network - Help them build their first network

Meet Our Match: Aubrey + Joan share their WAVE story.


How it Works

Our algorithm matches young women and non-binary students with professionals across a range of roles, companies, and industries.

Algorithmic Matching

Our algorithm connects young women and non-binary students to professionals across a range of roles, companies, and industries.


Easy Time Commitment

Each pair meets once a month for one hour at the Advisor’s office or through video calls over a span of three months.


Maximized Exposure

Each Advisor and Advisee commits to a year in the program, rotating to a new match every 3 months (with a few breaks throughout).

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Guided Conversations

We guide your sessions on our platform with content guides— no awkward silences here.


What Advisees Have to Say


Roles We Match

Think tech is only Engineering? Think again. We have Advisors across 14 different roles:

  • Product Management

  • Engineering - Front End

  • Engineering - Back End

  • Engineering - Mobile

  • Engineering - Hardware

  • Growth Hacking

  • UX/UI

  • Business Model

  • Business Operations

  • Storytelling/Brand

  • Media & Content

  • Data Analytics

  • Quality Assurance

  • Venture Capital

Professionals, don’t see your role? Let us know here how we can grow.


Partner Companies


WAVE Perks

  • Join our private Slack groups. Advisee-only and Advisor-only groups where you can discuss, share pro-tips, and connect with each other.

  • Resources delivered to your inbox. Practical career guides, videos, and articles to complement your 1:1 experience.

  • Early or exclusive access to all our events and webinars.  

  • Become an Ambassador. Advisees who complete 3 WAVE cycles have the opportunity to be BUILT BY GIRLS leaders on campus.

Ready to dive in?