How to Negotiate Your Salary

As women, we’re often made to feel like it’s rude or ungrateful to ask for more. But the bottom line is when you start at a higher salary, you’re more likely to make more later on, it shows your employer that you are serious and value yourself, and it shows you that you’re worth more. Need more convincing? Claire Wasserman, co-founder of Ladies Get Paid, has a lot to say on this topic.

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How to Say 'No' at Work

Whether you’re an intern, new hire, or a seasoned professional - it can be difficult to vouch for your time and well-being at work. Here’s a secret: Saying no at work doesn't always require the words “no.” 

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On the JobCarol Chan
Meet WAVE Advisee: Bevin Benson

When Bevin was in high school, she would commute all the way to New York to visit tech companies with #BUILTBYGIRLS. She was part Facebook University Program and collaborated on an app called Venture, a social network app that allows you to discover your friends’ favorite places to eat, drink, study, and explore!

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Jasmine Han