Crush Your To-Dos With These 4 Tips ✔

Go from To Do to To Done

Do you have trouble buckling down and getting to work? You are definitely not alone. Becoming a fierce to-do-list-crusher can take some time but productivity is a skill anyone can cultivate with the right training and dedication! 💪

⏰ Set aside blocks of time just to work. It’s easy to let your schedule fill up with class, meetings, or extracurricular activities. When that happens, you often end up with random 30 or 45 minute breaks throughout the day which makes it really hard to get into a focused state of mind. Solution? Try to actively plan your day with back to back activities. That way, you will have a 2–3 hour block set aside for you to focus, focus, focus.

💻 Get in the zone. Now that you have the time, it’s time to honor it (ha!). It might sound crazy, but turn off your phone and avoid the temptation to check it. Be brave, and hit that X on the browser tabs with your email, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and favorite news site. Commit to yourself that you will avoid checking those sites until your work block is over.

💤 Know when to call it a day. After a long day of class or work, you’ve earned some downtime and taking a break is actually good for your brain. While it’s tempting to push through an assignment or constantly refresh your emails, the marginal work you get done is not worth the mental strain. Resetting allows you to come back stronger the next day. Plus, what’s a better motivator to focus intently than knowing there’s a break at the end?

⚡️ Find your own groove. Some people have their own quirky tricks that help them fast-track to focus. For example, I like to play the same song on repeat to help me get in the zone. Eventually, the music just fades away and I find myself able to think more clearly. How do you get in the zone?

For you overachievers, here are some additional resources to help you focus:

  • 📕 A great book by Cal Newport called Deep Work that will help you really focus.

  • Focus is a 🔥 app that will block websites to take browsing temptation off the table.

  • Get Boomerang to turn off your inbox ✉️ so you can focus on the task at hand.

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