Email Template: How to Craft the Follow Up


There are a handful of emails that a professional should be able to whip up at any time, one of the most important is the follow-up email. Sending a good follow up is key to networking, interviewing, replying to a new connection, or honestly just about any professional interaction.

Although not all follow-up emails will look the same, they will all follow (ha!) the same pattern:

  • A friendly greeting

  • A reminder/recap of what you talked about

  • Next steps (pro tip: add timeframes!)

  • A signature


Dear [their name],

Thanks for meeting with me today about [what you spoke about.] It would be great if we could [meet/ talk further/ sync up] on [suggested date and time or over email.] What does your calendar look like?

Thank you,

[your name]


Hi Carol,

Thanks for meeting with me today about the upcoming social media calendar for #BUILTBYGIRLS. It would be great if we could sync up next week to nail down the plan for Instagram. Are you free Thursday at 11am?

Thank you,

This is simply a jumping off point, use this structure to make it specific to your situation. The more personal you can make a follow up, the better the chance you have of hearing back.

If one follow up doesn’t do the trick, remember the rule of three: 1 initial email, 1 follow up, 1 last ditch effort.

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