Email Template: How to Write a Stand-Out Thank You Note


We spend a lot of time talking about how to prep for the interview (which is super important) — but the follow up is actually crucial to landing the job. Crafting a stand-out thank you email is simple once you break it down.

Feeling stuck? Just keep these tips in mind👇

1. Send it the same day

When it comes to a thank you email, the sooner the better. You want to remain top of mind and show that you’re an eager candidate. The longer you wait, you run the risk of being passed on for someone else. So send that email as soon as you’re back behind your laptop.

2. Make it personal

Although thank you emails can follow a pattern, (see the template we whipped up below, you’re welcome!) a generic message isn’t how you stand out. Right after your interview, take quick notes on what you discussed. Did you talk about your pets? Do you both love to kayak? Did you go to the same school? Adding a ✨personal touch✨ will help them remember you. It also doesn’t hurt to start building a connection because at the end of the day people just want to work with those they get along with.

3. Show your enthusiasm and relevant experience

This email is an opportunity to exemplify how excited you are about the role while also recapping the unique qualities and experience you can bring to the team. Was there a specific project mentioned that you can’t wait to tackle? Is there one task that you would completely rock?

🌟Pro tip: This is also a chance to mention relevant experiences you didn’t bring up in the actual interview.

4. End by keeping the line of communication open

Don’t just say bye, see ya later! Always end by offering to answer any outstanding questions they may have. This will show that you are willing and available to send them anything they’ll needed to make a decision (e.g. previous project presentations).

Alright! You got this. Start with the template below, but remember to add your own personal details. If you discussed previous projects, do include links to your work online. Or proactively offer suggestions to how you’ll help their team meet their goals.


Dear [interviewer name],

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. I really enjoyed learning more about the [position title] position at [company name] and meeting you and your team. [Add any personal touches like “It was also nice to meet a fellow dog-parent! Or It was great to see another CU alum in tech.]

After speaking with you, I am even more excited for the opportunity to help you [achieve a specific goal]. With my experience in [relevant work experience] as well as my passion for [relevant passion], I am confident I would be a positive addition to your team and an asset in [achieving a goal you spoke about.]

I look forward to hearing from you about the next steps as you continue your decision-making process. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have need any additional information.

Thank you for your consideration,

[Your name]

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