The 3 Most Important People to Know in the Office

Offices are their own little worlds. When you’re starting in a new space, it’s important to get the lay of the land. Just like schools, every company has its own culture and there are key people who can help make your transition into work-life just a little easier.

Here are three people you should get to know in the office:

The Office Manager


This is the person who is responsible for ordering supplies, keeping the coffee stocked (very important) and making sure everyone has what they need to do their job comfortably. The office manager’s role will vary depending on the company but regardless, you should know who keeps the office running.

The Receptionist


In some offices, the office manager and the receptionist are one and the same. But, the receptionist is probably the most keyed-in person in the office. They field calls, manage executive calendars, and know all the goings on in the office. They’re a coveted resource to new hires or interns so if you aren’t sure who to talk to about that data-sorting job, they can most likely point you in the right direction.

The IT Experts


When you work in tech, the IT people are going to be your lifelines. The first few days on a job are hectic: you’re setting up your new workspace, while meeting dozens of new people and trying to make good impressions. One of the first places you’ll go is IT to get a new email, laptop and access to WiFi.

The thing about technology is — it breaks. So when you meet them, ask how to file a report or best contact them. That way when your laptop decides to freeze, you will be self-reliant and able to get it fixed without bugging anyone on your team.

Starting a new job is like starting school in the middle of a semester. It can be intimidating and hard to know what to expect, but getting to know these people will help you jump right into it.

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