Tip For a Jr. Team Member New On the Job


Assistant. Junior. Intern. Whatever the title, being the entry-level person on the team is an opportunity to shine.✨ There might be a lot of to-do’s coming your way but just remember, you have one job: to be someone your boss simply cannot live without. You’re doing it right if you can make everyone else’s jobs easier while also learn more about the industry and company.

Need some pro tips? Here are a five ways to make sure you kill it at your first job (exemplified by The Devil Wear’s Prada because of course):

Be on time or early 


Get to the office before or around the same time as your team. Take our word for it: people will notice if you are coming in late regularly. It’s an easy way to make a statement about your dependability and eagerness to learn. If you are running late, do over communicate it than to not at all.

Stay organized and nail every task 🔨


Own every task that comes your way, no matter how small it seems. Whether it’s organizing folders on the drive or answering the phone, you are saving someone else on your team a lot of time. (It won’t go unnoticed, even if no one thanks you directly.) Take lots of notes when you’re being taught how to do something — don’t rely solely on your memory.

Be curious and ask questions 🤔


Your greatest asset is a willingness to learn and step out of your comfort zone. When you don’t understand a project or task, just ask. Questions show you are engaged and want to get better — not that you’re unqualified. Nervous about asking? Just know that your boss *expects* you to have questions so it’s notweird to speak up.

Admit when you’ve made a mistake 😰


Admitting when we’ve messed up is hard, period. However, it can feel particularly tough in a professional setting. If you mess up at work, it’s better to tell your manager quickly so the problem can be fixed. Your integrity will be impressive (even if your mistake makes a little more work for someone else). It’s better to be honest than try to cover it up.

Always ask what you can do when you don’t have any work 🗣 ️‍


There will be times when you don’t have anything to do — this isn’t a chance to sit back and lay low. Take a lap around the office and see if anyone needs an extra set of hands. Just by asking “Can I help you with anything?” shows your initiative and people will take note. Even if no one has a task for you at that moment, you will be their go-to in the future.

Play your cards right and your first job or internship can be a springboard to incredible opportunities in the future✌.️


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