Meet WAVE Advisee Reva Jariwala

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When Reva signed up for a computer science class last year, she found herself as one of three girls in a class of 36 students. The huge gender gap within the classroom inspired her to help get more girls involved in tech. She now teaches other elementary students computer science. Through #BUILTBYGIRLS, Reva has been able to explore the industry and meet with Advisors from Uber and Oath.

Tell me about yourself.

I am a sophomore at Monte Vista High School from the Bay Area. I want to study business or economics, and I am an aspiring venture capitalist. Growing up, I wasn’t really exposed to the tech industry. No one really talked about it. But now I love tech stuff, as well as, attending tech conferences and events. My goal is to get more girls involved in tech in my community because I realized that there is a shortage of teachers teaching it in elementary school.

How are you working towards your goal of getting more girls in tech?

After talking to an elementary school teacher, I looked up a coding course online and taught myself more about Computer Science. I reached out to the Vice Principal and got a program running to teach Computer Science to 4th graders for 6 ½ months with my best friend. We taught about 20 students and they were extremely driven, especially given that the class was at 7am.

One of the biggest takeaway I took away from my #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE experience was that you have to be open to change

Since you’re involved with WAVE, tell me about your Advisors. How was your experience with WAVE Advisors with backgrounds that were different from your current interests?  

One of the biggest takeaway I took away from my #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE experience was that you have to be open to change. In this case, I was open to learning from everyone.

My first Advisor was  formerly on the Strategic Finance team at Uber. He also runs his own Venture Capitalist firm which was fantastic because my long term goal is to be in VC. We would pick out articles from the Wall Street Journal and do case studies together, examining the market and its competitors. It was a incredibly hands on experience, and he was so supportive.

My other two Advisors work at Oath. One was on the Advertising side at Oath. She would take notes and follow up on them. She was also supportive of all my endeavors even if my career interests weren’t exactly aligned. My last Advisor was a recruiter. She helped refine my resume and explained how the interview process works and what she looks for in a candidate.

You are incredibly involved with the #BUILTBYGIRLS community. Can you talk about your other involvements?

I go to the #BUILTBYGIRLS Hashtag events! At first, I was nervous to attend because I was going alone, however, I befriended a lot of the girls at the event. We are close with each other now and regularly attend hackathons together.

How has #BUILTBYGIRLS changed your perspective about tech?

#BUILTBYGIRLS unveiled that tech is more than just Computer Science. Through my Advisors and events like Hashtags, I have been able to meet with a ton of different people in the tech industry. Also, everyone has such a unique background! I have met a Product Manager who came from a Journalism background and even a Criminal Justice background. #BUILTBYGIRLS has given me an amazing group of girls to form a community with and a lot of opportunities to learn about the tech field.

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