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Megan is a NYC-based marketer who currently works at a Health and Wellness Agency, Wellness Amplified, that focuses on connecting brands with influencers. She's passionate about digital marketing and loves writing + creative storytelling. When she's not working she enjoys running and training for races, being with friends and family, and chasing PR's on her Peloton.


Throughout our careers many women want to move up the corporate ladder towards management positions. Some of us assume that in order to climb we’ve got to put in the dirty work and that we’ve also go to wait our turn. Here’s a question I asked myself: why don’t we challenge ourselves to learn more about leadership and management skills along the climb?

Copyright, The Office

Copyright, The Office

While there’s certainly something to be said for putting in your dues and maturing into a more seasoned professional there’s also an endless amount of valuable content available from entrepreneurs that teaches professionals of all levels how to lead. You can start learning leadership skills now and for at absolutely no cost to you.

 Let's face it, we know there’s a chance you’re listening to a podcast or music while you read this...why not make your multitasking more productive?

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite leadership podcasts that you can start listening to during...or after...you finish this article:

Fierce Feminine Leadership

Hosted by Women Empowerment expert Eleanor Beaton this podcast shares motivational interviews with women in business alongside tools and tricks to step into your power and take your seat at the table. This podcast has been around since 2016 and with over 300 episodes you’re sure to find at least one that’s of interest to you.

Management Tool Basics

I first came across Management Tools through a google search months back. This podcast is run by a management consulting and training firm that’s owned by Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman. Their podcast gives advice on everything from one on one’s and feedback to coaching and delegation. They speak humbly from experience and do so in a very relatable way.

Coaching for Leaders

Dave Stachowiak believes that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. He aims to provide real-world actionable advice from expert guests who share his philosophy. An optional, free membership is available to listeners for access to Stachowiak's weekly leadership guide, additional MemberCasts, and more.

Engaging Leader

Hosted by Jesse Lahey. Jesse believes that those who are changing the world aren't just leaders, they're engagers. Each episode gives tips on growing a team that is fully engaged with your organization's purpose. Topics include communication, productivity, culture, accountability, and more. I initially discovered this one in an Inc. Magazine roundup and have been hooked ever since.

Leadership Biz Cafe

Hosted by Tanveer Naseer since 2011. He’s a leadership writer and keynote speaker. Tanveer’s podcast is aimed at teaching you to become a better leader through his interviews on varying topics. I highly recommend you check out episode #30 ‘What Women Do That Holds Them Back From Leadership Success’.

This roundup is by no means the end all . There's an unlimited amount of information available for women to consume on their paths towards becoming better leaders.

Like what you see? Looking for advice on books/youtube/ted talks with a similar theme? Let us know what you’re craving for in the comments!

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