Make My Case Competition FAQs


How is the final design for the winning case chosen?

We will be judging based on four criteria:

  • On Theme Design: a design that will inspire our community to claim their power, use their voice, and take a seat at the table.

  • Original and creative: a fresh take on the theme that makes us do a double-take when we see it for the first time.

  • Simple yet powerful: a little can say a lot. Sometimes, the most iconic designs are the simplest. Don’t overdo it.

  • Phone case ready: a design that is thoughtfully created with the phone in mind, using the case template.

Do I need to include BUILT BY GIRLS logo or brand name?

Nope! It is not a requirement to include a reference to BUILT BY GIRLS. We only ask that the design reflects our mission and serves an uplifting inspirational message to our community.

How many designs can I submit to the competition?

You can submit up to 3 designs. Go for it, start designing!

What programs or tools should I design in?

We highly recommend using industry standards such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Both of these programs offer free trials and student discounts. You can also try accessing these programs at your local library or school. Other great alternatives include programs like Canva or Procreate.

What is the resolution or size requirement?

Since the winning designs will be printed on phone cases, it’s important we work in high resolution at 300pi! We also recommend setting your image size to millimeters at 106mm x 179m. In other measurements, this roughly converts to 4inches x 7inches or 1,252px x 2,115px.

Finally, please review the official design spec document for more details.

Why TIFF file? And what is a TIFF file?

Great question. Most people are familiar with JPEG and PNG since these are web files, but TIFF is mainly used in print and publishing. Here’s a quick shortcut when saving:

  • For Illustrator: Files > Export > Save as Type > Choose the “TIFF”format (and select Use Artboards)

  • For Photoshop: Save As > Format > Choose the “TIFF” format

If you are not designing in those programs, a quick Google search will pull up free tools to quickly convert JPG to TIFF. Still having issues? Just reach out to with the subject line “ - Make My Case Competition.”

Help! I don’t even know where to start.

You’re not alone - starting is often times the hardest part. We recommend stepping away from the computer and start by thinking through a few questions: How do you want to feel when you see your phone? What quotes, objects, or imagery evoke that feeling for you? And, in general, what kind of phone case designs do you gravitate towards? Once you have some ideas flowing, you should first sketch them out on pencil and paper. After a few rounds of sketches, you are ready to move onto digital design.

Want more design pro tips? Check out our Q&A with Speck’s designers, Lizzie and Bora.

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