Make My Case Design Competition Winner: Dyllen Nellis

Dyllen Nellis

Meet Dyllen Nellis: Make My Case Winner


Dyllen Nellis is one of the winners of the Make My Case design competition. She recently graduated high school from Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts as class valedictorian. This Fall she will be attending Stanford University, where she hopes to use her voice through design, tech, and theatre to help elevate others and innovate for social good.

Learn more about her design background, her involvement with BUILT BY GIRLS, and aspirations for the future.


How did you discover your interest in design?

I’ve been playing around with Photoshop since I was little. In middle and high school, I started making posters for my school events. I fell in love with design because it allowed me to create art with a practical use. There’s so much psychology behind design. It can determine whether someone will buy your product or not! I also love the design process because it’s like a puzzle. Your boundaries are set, but your creativity determines how you’ll get to the end result.

Why did you get involved with BUILT BY GIRLS and how has it impacted you and your career?

Coming from a high school without opportunities to study technology, I joined BUILT BY GIRLS to learn about the tech industry and meet people who could help me get involved. WAVE has been an amazing program for this. My first adviser taught me about her process for UX/UI design and answered all my questions about her experience at Stanford (to which I was later accepted and will be attending this fall!)


Please explain the meaning behind your design.

My design has a strong theme of sisterhood, diversity, and empowerment. I wanted to create an artwork that would inspire positivity and collaboration in others. Like the values of BUILT BY GIRLS, it needed to show that girls are fully capable of being leaders and makers of change. So in my design, women of all ethnicities, shapes, and sizes are happily interacting with one another. The swirling shapes around the female figures add movement to the design and show off my own personality, as I tend to include fun interweaving blobs in my work.

How does it feel to have your design sold nationwide in a major retailer?

Pretty insane. I never expected something like this to happen at my age! I’m really grateful for BUILT BY GIRLS for this amazing opportunity. 

What is one message do you want someone who is purchasing your phone case to take away?

All women, no matter their race, size, or sexuality, are capable of being leaders and positive change makers. With respect and encouragement, we can work together to make the world a better place.

Look out for the
Make My Case winning designs on Speck phone cases in Verizon store Fall 2019!

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