3 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur


Diondraya Taylor wrote the workbook "Mindset and Milestones: A Girl’s Guide to Thinking Like An Entrepreneur" to leverage the unique skill sets of entrepreneurship and her passion for closing societal gender gaps. It introduces girls to the different steps in the entrepreneurial process, from ideation to business pitches and more! Furthermore, the workbook encourages self-reflection and gives girls the space to learn about themselves in the process of learning how to be better problem solvers.

Start Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

Women are doing amazing things and continue to blast through glass ceilings. This momentum is largely due to self-starters, thinkers, and problem-solvers who put their knowledge and resources to work—people like you. That’s exactly what it takes to be an entrepreneur and I wanna get you started. So if you have an amazing idea and are thinking of starting your own business, these 3 tips are for you.

3 Tips for Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

👋 Let go of the stereotypes. There isn’t just one kind of entrepreneur and they don’t all work in offices or carry briefcases. A baker who owns her own bakery is an entrepreneur, a doctor who runs her own practice is an entrepreneur, and a girl with an idea and determination has the makings of an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur just means going into business for yourself, using your skills how you see fit, and being the leader to put together a team to help bring your vision to life.

👻Unmask your fear. Think back to your cartoon days when there was a “monster” on the loose that often turned out to just be a person underneath. A lot of our fears work the same way. When you take a moment to identify what you’re actually afraid of, you can control your reaction.

Entrepreneurs tackle their fears because their curiosity tells them that they have no choice. The freest creatives and thinkers were thought to be crazy at some point, but making a change is uncomfortable and that’s exactly what entrepreneurs set out to do. So it’s important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because it’s the only way to grow.

🤔Commit to being a problem solver. One hallmark for entrepreneurs is their ability to identify problems, then use their talents and determination to offer a solution. A large part of having an entrepreneurial mindset is being able to recognize that you add real value to the world.

When you see a problem in your community, remember that you are not powerless. It doesn’t matter how old are young you are. If you have an idea that can make someone's life better, even in just a small way, then you are more than qualified to share it.

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