Rep #BUILTBYGIRLS on Your Campus


If you’re part of the #BUILTBYGIRLS community, you already share in our mission to create more female representation in tech, build genuine connections, and lend a helping hand. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

The #BUILTBYGIRLS Ambassador program brings the ✨magic ✨of our community to colleges all over the country. We’re looking for applicants who are passionate about helping more girls get into tech and would be excited to build an on-campus community and organize events.

If you’re enrolled in college and looking to get #BUILTBYGIRLS more involved in your school, apply to be an ambassador 👉 here! 👈

Who are #BUILTBYGIRLS Ambassadors?

#BUILTBYGIRLS Ambassadors are committed to building the next wave of female tech leaders right on the ground level. They engage their communities and help build brand awareness through leading programs and hosting events. Ambassadors get a unique opportunity to connect with other ambassadors (online and IRL) and to be a part of an organization that’s finally creating space for women in tech. Did we mention you get swag?!

What would I do?

⚡️ Rep #BUILTBYGIRLS at sponsored tech events, local Hashtags, and other #BUILTBYGIRLS events in your area.
⚡️ Host themed monthly meet-ups with your community of game-changing women.
⚡️ Use a personal link to recruit new participants for each WAVE cycle. (The link ensure you get credit for your hard work!)

What would I get?

✨ All the branded #BUILTBYGIRLS swag, duh. This includes our sparkly #BUILTBYGIRLS sweatshirt, a denim cap, a tote bag, and stickers.
✨ An invite to our private Slack channel for ambassadors where you can connect and network with other #BUILTBYGIRLS ambassadors across the country.

✨ Free access to all #BUILTBYGIRLS events.
✨ Exclusive Ambassador content so you know exactly how to represent our brand IRL, at events, and online.

✨ Monthly check-ins with #BUILTBYGIRLS community lead and other ambassadors.

✨ Personal resume-editing by #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE Advisors.

✨ Private speaker series with #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE Advisors.


Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the #BUILTBYGIRLS Ambassadors Program:

👉 You must be enrolled in an undergraduate College or University
👉 18+ years of age
👉 Must have completed at least one round of our WAVE program

How do I apply?

Our ambassador applications are open various times throughout the year. Check our application form here to see if we are accepting new ambassadors. If not, stay tuned for the next time we open them up again.

Follow #BUILTBYGIRLS on Twitter and Instagram and sign up for WAVE.

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