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Are you a company excited to help build the next generation of tech leaders?

Does your company have a commitment to diversity? Want to give your team a low commitment, high impact way to give back? Check out all the ways to get involved today here, or hit us up below to propose something bigger.


You’re in good company


Inspire Young Women


Ways to Get Involved


The Inside Look

*Good for companies looking to host

From the “Tech of Cognitive Computing at IBM Watson” to the “Tech of Music at Spotify", The Inside Look showcases how tangible tech can be through panels, workshops and networking activities. Together, we learn about how technology drives the brands and products we love. Want to host an Inside Look at your company? Contact us to start planning today.


Girl, You Better (net)Work

*Good for companies looking to host, or individuals looking to help out more

We know that networking is important, but when you’re in college or high school, you often don't know where to start. Help us host a BUILT BY GIRLS networking event where we provide students with a toolkit they can put into practice with their peers and professionals (like you!) right away. Contact us to start planning today.


Check out more ways to get involved as a professional or as a company here.