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Beyond WAVE, we offer other programs for young women to level up in their careers and for professionals to help drive our mission. Learn how you can get involved today.

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The Inside Look

A monthly event series that connects young women with experts in the industry at some of the most innovative tech companies. Through networking, community, and sharing practical career tips and resources, students get to meet other girls in the BUILT BY GIRLS community while learning about the different roles in tech.


Build Day

Our Build Days are in-person events that help students build a product from start to finish with guidance from the experts and support from friends. No technical experience needed.


Girl, You Better (net)Work

We all know the importance of networking, but where do you start if you haven’t done it before? At this event, students are given the networking tools they can put into practice with peers and professionals right away.


Looking for a longer commitment than a one-time event? Check out WAVE.