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Nisha Dua

BBG Ventures
General Partner

Nisha Dua is a General Partner at BBG Ventures, which she co-founded with Susan Lyne in 2014. BBGV is a NYC-based seed fund investing in consumer tech start-ups with at least one female founder. BBGV invests across New Commerce, Connected Communities, Future of Work, the Emerging Consumer (Gen Z and Boomers+) and Personalized Health & Wellness. At BBGV Nisha has invested in over 60 start-ups, including The Wing, Zola, Pymetrics, KiwiCo, Spring Health, Future Family and Winky Lux.

Nisha has spent the last decade working in media, tech, strategy and law. She was the General Manager of AOL’s millennial site, Cambio, which she re-launched as a site “for girls, #BUILTBYGIRLS” in partnership with Girls Who Code. She founded BUILT BY GIRLS, a software platform which connects girls and non-binary talent with professionals to prepare the next generation of leaders to step into careers powered by technology.

Nisha was previously Chief of Staff for the AOL Brand Group, working on strategy, operations and special projects. Nisha cut her teeth as a management consultant for Bain & Company and an M&A lawyer at Australian law firm, Blake Dawson. Nisha acts as an advisor to numerous start-ups outside her role as an investor.


Lauren Berger.png

Lauren Berger

CareerQueen & InternQueen
CEO & Founder

Lauren Berger is CEO & Founder of both and, reaching over 6 million people and connect them with their dream careers. Her new book Get It Together; Ditch the Chaos, Do the Work, Design Your Success gets released November 2018. Berger has been a featured keynote at 200+ colleges, universities, leadership conferences, and entrepreneurship events. Her previous titles include the best-selling All Work, No Pay and Welcome to the Real World. Berger’s Youtube Channel, has over 1.2 million views and releases new content every Wednesday. Her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn reach over 100,000people. Berger’s career advice has been featured on The Today Show, KTLA, Fox & Friends, Marie Claire, WhoWhatWear, Refinery29, Entrepreneur on Fire, Bustle, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Glamour, and more. Berger not only delivers unique career advice to her audience, but also serves as a marketing agency that helps leading brands activate brand ambassadors and establish a presence with both college students and young professionals worldwide. Berger’s business has doubled in recent years and her current roster of clients includes Michael Kors, Keurig, Whole Foods, Schwinn, Duncan Hines, Estee Lauder, and over 30 other top-notch brands.


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Berna Anat


Berna Anat is a financial hype woman. That's her made-up way of saying: Berna is the creator of a financial literacy media series for young people that lives at @HeyBerna all over the Interwebz. After slaying her $50,000 debt, she saved up to quit life and has been traveling the world trying to make money fun again ever since. Despite speaking at venues such as the Girlboss LA Rally and the OWN IT Summit, and despite being featured in Forbes, Bustle and Refinery29, she still talks herself though the bunny ear method every time she ties her shoes.


Angelia Trinidad.png

Angel Trinidad

Passion Planner
CEO & Founder

A San Diego native and first generation Filipina American, Angelia Trinidad is the CEO and founder of Passion Planner. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Arts Education, she found herself struggling to find direction. Rising above the struggle, she created Passion Planner, a tool that has now helped over 600,000 people around the globe live with intention and create the life they want. Now a thriving multimillion dollar company, Passion Planner gives back through a growing Get One, Give One program, donating over 300,000 planners to empower underprivileged communities, NPOs, and other positively impactful organizations.



Mayuko Inoue

Senior iOS Software Engineer
& Youtuber

Mayuko is a Senior iOS Engineer and the founder of helloMayuko, a youtube channel with over 235,000+ subscribers aimed at helping others find their way in the tech industry. With over 5 years of experience as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley, she creates vlog-style videos about software development, career advice, and personal stories to demystify the life and career path of a Software Engineer.


Claire Wasserman.png

Claire Wasserman

Ladies Get Paid

Claire Wasserman is an educator, writer, and podcaster, dedicated to closing the gender wage and leadership gap. As the founder of Ladies Get Paid, Claire grew the community to 45,000 (and counting!) women in less than two years. She has traveled around the world, teaching more than 10,000 women how to advocate for themselves at work. Claire has spoken at companies and conferences such as Johnson & Johnson, PayPal, the United Nations Foundation and Watermark. She has been featured in the New York Times, partnered with the City of Los Angeles, and collaborated with Nike. She is currently writing a book about women, work, and self-worth, to be published by Simon & Schuster in the Spring of 2020.


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Jason Serafica

Full Stack Web Developer
& Out In Tech SF Ambassador

Personal pronouns: they/them. They've always had an interest in technology and the Internet since online popular culture was important to their self-discovery as a queer and non-binary person. During college, they discovered a passion for programming after attending a weekly freeCodeCamp meet-up and realizing the limitless potential of harnessing technology for empowerment and social good. After graduation, they started volunteering with San Francisco's freeCodeCamp chapter and co-organizing meet-ups in the Mission and SOMA districts of San Francisco while growing our online community with our Slack Channel and Facebook Group. They consider anyone who is unapologetically themself to be important advocates for diversity and inclusion.


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Vanessa Miranda

Programs Champion

Vanessa Miranda is an IT Project Manager based in San Diego. She started her career in the finance and mortgage industry and used her marketing skills to pivot into tech. She’s an advocate for community-centered movements empowering women. Her goal is to educate and inspire underrepresented people through meaningful connections and technology. She specializes in IT and cybersecurity consulting, digital marketing, and creating tech events for diverse communities.

Vanessa engages with her community serving as Managing Director for Girls in Tech San Diego. Girls in Tech is a global non-profit that works to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups. Also, she is the founding member of #LatinaGeeks San Diego, the only nonprofit in San Diego dedicated to supporting Latinas in tech. She’s passionate about technology, politics and intersectional women’s issues. It's her mission is to make cybersecurity information and training more accessible to all.


Lisa Godwin.png

Lisa Godwin

The New York Times
Senior Consultant and Creative Technologist

Lisa is a passionate media tech professional with over 10 years of experience in producing immersive experiential products for strategic partnerships and opportunities to generate brand growth. An ideal blend of intuitive and conceptual thinking paired with an expert knowledge of the technology industry, Lisa has held senior level positions at major corporations including Liberty Tax Inc., MTV Networks, Major League Baseball Association, NBCUniversal and Complex Media to name a few. Currently she is a Senior Consultant and Creative Technologist at The New York Times.

Lisa’s skill set in media, marketing, entertainment and technology has led her to found You Are Tech, a fusion of technology, culture, and education. The media based platform is geared towards helping people transition into a career in technology by highlighting the various avenues in the industry and coaching your path for success. Lisa spends her free time traveling the world in search of the perfect poker game, and looks forward to the day when her next winnings will be paid out in cryptocurrency.


Sarah Foster.png

Sarah Foster

Verizon Media
Solutions Engineer

Sarah Foster started her career in tech contracting at a Yahoo datacenter in Fort Worth, Texas. Subsequently she joined a full-time site operations team in Omaha, Nebraska. She later moved into infrastructure tooling, worked at Facebook in their datacenter operations team for two years, and moved back to Yahoo to join the Performance Engineering Group. In her career she's coordinated with a broad cross-section of wonderful nerds, becoming increasingly loud and queer along the way. She's recently celebrated her sixth anniversary with her wife and the co-mother to her three children, all of whom are cats.