WAVE Advisor Platform Terms and Conditions


Thanks for your interest in joining us for the BUILT BY GIRLS Wave Advisor program made available by Verizon Media (our awesome parent company—called “we” or “us” in the rest of this letter). BUILT BY GIRLS offers a platform to match young women with professionals like you in careers powered by technology. With your help, we want to get these young women ahead of the game in the tech economy by introducing them to the right professional connections, exposing them to opportunities they didn’t know existed and arming them with the tools to make them stand out in their first job. You’ll be able to do this all while giving back and learning about how these young women view the tech world today. 

This is a voluntary program. We’re really excited to get started, but first we need to dot our i’s and cross our t’s and make sure you understand how our program works. Please read and sign our terms below to confirm you want to proceed as a #BUILTBYGIRLS Advisor.

Here are the key terms you should understand for the program:

1. We offer the program at no cost to you; your services are voluntary and will be donated. You acknowledge that you won’t be entitled to any present or future salary, wages or other benefits for the services.

2. You’ll let us know if you change any contact information, such as your address or email. Whenever possible, we will send communications to you via email.  You hereby consent to receive any and all legal or other notices pertaining to your participation in the WAVE Advisor program electronically.  

3. We may make changes as we go or discontinue the program at any time at our discretion without any obligation to you, but may offer ways for you to stay involved in #BUILTBYGIRLS. We ask that you participate in the program for at least a year, and commit to providing one hour per month, rotating Advisees every three months. Either you or we may cancel your participation in the program at any time. We make no guarantee of any minimum time commitment for the program.

4. You’ll comply with all laws while participating in the program. You agree to provide a safe environment for each participant; we are not responsible for the safety of the participants when they visit with their Advisors. 

5. We may request that you provide us from time to time with content, such as an article, a profile, pictures, videos or other materials about your experience with the program, which we may use (though we don’t promise to use) on our services and in promotions (the “Content”). Your contribution would be voluntary and is not a requirement. You will own your Content; however, if you submit Content to us, you grant us and our affiliates a worldwide, royalty free, irrevocable right to use, copy, store, display, perform, modify and promote your Content in any medium. 

6. You represent that your Content is original to you and that your Content will not violate the rights of others. Please obtain permission before you include images of other people in your Content.

7. You understand and agree that we provide the program “as is” and without any warranties. We’ll try to make this a great experience, but please understand that as a Beta program we do not guarantee that the program will meet all your expectations or requirements. You will receive Advisor-Advisee relationship guidelines upon the start of the program. Oath will take reasonable steps to check the background of each Advisor; however, you also accept the responsibility to take reasonable precautions in all interactions with other Advisors or Advisees associated with our program.

8. In exchange for the opportunity to be an Advisor in the program: (a) you release us and our parent companies, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents from any claims connected with your participation in the program and (b) we may use your likeness (such as your name, voice, image and videos) in any medium for articles, stories, advertisements, presentations and promotions regarding the program or our organization. You understand these rights are not revocable, and you are not entitled to any other compensation for these rights.

9. You and we won’t be liable to each other for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential contract damages. You’ll be responsible for any costs of potential claims made against us by someone else if you engage in willful misconduct or breach these terms. 

10. You represent and warrant that you have never been convicted of a felony and are not required to register as a sex offender with any government entity. You agree that we reserve the right at our expense to conduct a criminal background check at any time (and engage a third party to do so on our behalf) and using available public records to investigate your background and qualifications for purposes of evaluating whether you are qualified to participate in the program. You may withhold your permission and that in such a case, no investigation will be done, and you will not be eligible to participate in the program. If the results of the background check are not satisfactory, we may discontinue your participation in the program. You also release Oath Inc., its parent companies, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents from any liability for damages or claims, which may arise or result from any reference information gathered pursuant to this investigation. 

11. This letter states your entire understanding and agreement regarding your participation in the program. If any term of this letter is declared invalid, the remaining terms stay in effect. The laws of the State of New York govern the interpretation of this letter agreement. This letter agreement may be signed electronically, which has the same effect as an agreement signed in writing. This letter agreement expires if not signed by you in ten days.

If you agree and want to participate in the program, please signup. We can’t wait to work with you.